Design of 7.5 MW thermal power plant in Matad sum, Dornod Province of Mongolia
Start date: Dec, 2017
Completion date: Sep, 2018
Client: Mongol 333 LLC
Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Activities performed: Nomadic New Energy prepared a translation Chinese to Mongolian, detailed design drawing reviews and approval, getting the expertizing approvals for the 7.5 MW Thermal Power Plant. Over 1500 design drawings have been prepared and approved. Designs included:

  • Architectural and civil engineering drawings of thermal power plant building, cooling tower etc
  • Mechanical designs of boiler and turbines
  • Coal handling system
  • Steam, condensate and feed water pipeline systems
  • Feed water and condensate pumps, other pumps
  • LV and MV electric system
  • High voltage substation
  • Turbine cooling system
  • Control and instrumentation system
  • HVAC
  • Firefighting and fire protection system; etc.